About Paradise


       Bruce Lee Paradise is located in Jun’an Town, Guangdong, with an area of 3000 mu (1mu=666.67 square meters), where it is noted for hilly landscape in South of Five Ridges, 22 verdant mountains, green woodland and natural beauty of mountains and lakes. Among attractive tourist resorts in Guangdong, it is reputed to be an ideal world in the Pearl River Delta away from hustle and bustle city life. Since opening to the public, it has attracted numerous tourists at home and abroad by virtue of its favorable natural environment and brand appeal of Kung Fu King Bruce Lee.


       In Bruce Lee Paradise, there are mountains, lakes and lush vegetation everywhere, providing favorable natural environment for animal and plant growth and propagation. Currently, there are nearly 60 species of birds in total and egrets are the most common bird in the park. At dawn and dusk, egrets fly nearby Egret Island, set off by dancing willows, painting a beautiful picture. By strolling along woodland path, hiking mountains to admire beautiful scenery of mountains and lakes, or overlooking rural setting, tourists can take in breathtaking scenery of mountains and lakes. In addition to admiring picturesque natural scenery, there is Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum, Cao Chong’en Sculpture Gallery, Li Yaxin Art Museum, artificial waterfall, phoenix sculpture, Bruce Lee stature, pavilions, fish pond and ecological farm and other scenic spots in the park, where you can relax body and refresh mind. It worth mentioning that Bruce Lee Paradise also provides popular amusements such as happy farm, catching fish at Shoal, bicycle for lovers, bird-watching cruise, go fishing, barbecue and picnic, creating an opportunity to commune with nature and live a leisurely life.


       Bruce Lee Paradise is a one-stop tourism theme park integrating Bruce Lee martial arts, history and culture of South of Five Ridges, river and lake scenery, amusement, sightseeing and major events.

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