BruceLee Paradise




1. Lakeview Barbecue Area: It sits near mountains and by lakes nearby amusement park. Outdoor parties and picnic can be held here.


2. Ecological Science Museum

There are many species of birds. To spread the knowledge of birds, the museum introduces bird resources in the park. Additionally, it also displays a variety of traditional farming tools and offers urban children a chance to get acquainted with traditional farming pattern.


3. Children Playground

It is a place where it brings enjoyment to family and we can return to childhood. By playing on the swings, play with sands and rock climbing, we have a lot of fun in nature.


4. Happy Farm

There are green vegetable farms and fish ponds, constituting a unique agricultural landscape in the Pearl River Delta, where tourists have a chance to enjoy farming experience by planting, watering, catching insects and spreading fertilizer at farms.


5. Egret Bay

It is a very amazing natural landscape. There are over tens of thousands of wild egrets living in the bay. At dawn and dusk, egrets fly in the sky, painting a breathtaking picture, which constitutes a natural wonder in the Pearl River Delta.


6. Spectacular Waterfall

It is 24 meters high and 18 meters wide. The artificial waterfall looks like a natural one boasting roaring and splashing water and spectacle. Behind the waterfall is a tortuous waterfall cave. If tourists show an interest in exploring labyrinth, they may went to the foot of waterfall to admire spectacle featuring torrent dashing down and splashing water.


7. Bicycle and Cruise

It is really a relax way for tourists living a hustle and bustle city life to ride bicycle freely on paved path, taking in green tree scenery and listening to the twittering of birds overhead. Alternatively, tourists may hire a boat to cruise on the lake, which will evoke a feeling of cruising in a picture. There is pedal boat and battery boat of your choice.


8, cycling, boat music

Park road flat, free riding, is hard to find the city people's leisure, in front of trees, the ear sound of birds. Rent a boat tour, I really was in the middle of the mood painting. A self-help pedal, but also easy boat battery, can freely choose.























































4、 吉尼斯纪录凤凰石雕



















































































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