Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum


With an area of over 3000 square meters, Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum in Jun’an Town is the largest one in the world. The display here revolves around “The Image of Bruce Lee” and relates Bruce Lee’s legendary story, including ten chapters displayed in ten exhibition halls. (After going through the museum from the memorial gateway inscribed with “Martial Arts”, Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum will be in front. It is recommended that tourists may enter and visit the museum from the left to right). ChapterⅠ: Pool Resources to Build Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum: In recent 10-odd years, the leadership of Jun’an Town and Shunde District has carried out the instructions from Guangdong Provincial Government and CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee of “Building Cultural Province” and made concerted effort to build Bruce Lee Brand. Bruce Lee is the embodiment of Chinese Kung Fu and an outstanding iconic figure of the Chinese nation, whose martial arts, film, perseverance and never-say-die spirit impressed and moved everyone in the world. The exhibition entitled The Image of Bruce Lee narrates Bruce Lee’s legendary story in a comprehensive and profound way.


Chapter I Pool Resources to Build Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum


The exhibition records the discovery Bruce’s former residence in Shang Village in 1994, laying foundations for Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum in November 2006, the erection of Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum in November 2008 and the development course of Bruce Lee Commemorative Museum by 2010. Additionally, it records support from various circles of society and displays photos of Bruce Lee’s daughter returning home to visit relatives.




Chapter II Trace Roots and Ancestors and Return to Hometown


As the saying goes, falling leaves settle on their roots and one who is residing elsewhere will return to his ancestral home as he or she grows old. We Chinese people are all descendants of Emperors Yandi and Huangdi and have a blood relationship. Out of nostalgia and love for country, Bruce Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee returned to hometown to trace roots and ancestors and carried forward Bruce Lee’s Spirit.


The exhibition hall displays over a hundred rare photos of Bruce Lee, Lee’s parents, sibling, wife and children and Grandmaster Yip Man and records the different life stages of Bruce Lee growing from a mischievous children to handsome teenager and determined young man. From those happy family photos, we can spot Lee’s outstanding martial arts skills and performance talent derived from his family.



Chapter III: Chapter III Fly by like Bright Meteor Legend of Bruce Lee


Bruce lee’s lifetime is a monument and death is a legend. During his 33-year lifetime, Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do ((The Way of the Intercepting Fist), becoming a great master of martial arts and the first Chinese star who gained in popularity in Hollywood. Lee worked miracles and left legendary story.


The exhibition hall displays Bruce Lee’s short but brilliant 33-year lifetime.


1940-1959 Genius Bruce Lee was born


1959-1963 Bruce Lee came to the fore


1962-1969 Bruce Lee suffered setbacks and Struggled hard


1970-1973 Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to realize dreams


On July 20th, 1973, even heaven envied elites and Bruce Lee passed away




Chapter IV Excel at Philosophy and Martial Arts


Bruce Lee was also a poet and philosopher, thinker and prophet. Meanwhile, he was also a good husband, father and friends. Bruce Lee devoted himself to life philosophy and combined oriental wisdom and western philosophy to develop his own self-knowledge philosophy.


The exhibition showcases Bruce Lee’s extraordinary talents by displaying his philosophy, psychology, poetry, paintings and letters.




Chapter V Possess Star Quality, the Idol in the World


Bruce Lee is an immortal name! Lee does not belong to film or martial arts and even China. Lee is a great master who gained popularity across the world beyond nationalities and ages.


There are a lot of celebrities who look up to Bruce Lee so much and are a member of over hundreds of millions of fans, including Jackie Chan, Stephen Chow and Donnie Yen in film and TV circles and Champion of Free Combat Liu Hailong in martial arts circles…




Chapter VI Build Film Monument and Leave Legendary Story: Bruce Lee, born with genius and perseverance, played a role in the film entitled “Golden Gate Girl” during infanthood and performed in 22 Cantonese films in his childhood and teens. From 1970 to 1973, Bruce Lee made four and half classic films in his heyday (the posthumous film entitled “Game of Death” had not completed).


The exhibition hall displays numerous Bruce Lee’s classic stills and introduces different life stages of Lee’s film career. 1940-1959 Bruce Lee stared in 22 Cantonese films including the film entitled “little Cheung” in which Lee co-stared with his father Li Hoi Chen and other films in which Lee co-starred with Hong Xiannu, Bai Yan and other stars. 1959-1971 Bruce Lee stared in 3 television dramas, namely “The Green Hornet”, “Marlowe” and “Longstreet”.


1970-1973 Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to make films and stared five influential Kung Fu Films. The exhibition hall displays some Bruce Lee’s souvenirs.




Chapter VII Crown the King of Kung Fu and Great Master of Martial Arts


Bruce Lee grained prestige by virtue of martial arts and introduced Kung Fu to western countries, who was recognized as one of Seven Celebrated martial Artists in the World by world’s leading magazine Black Belt Magazine, reputed to be “King of Kung Fun” by American newspaper and called “Great Master of Martial Arts” by Japanese.


The exhibition hall displays that Bruce Lee won recognition from martial arts circles in the world and gained reputation.


The exhibition hall also highlights Bruce Lee’s martial arts skills: 1. Blind Fold Chi Sau; 2. Cunquan (power punch); 3. Gouloushou; 4. Non-shadow Boxing; 5. Lisanjiao (three kicks of Lee); 6. High Kicking technique Bruce Lee’s three major attacking techniques: 1.Jeet Kune Do; 2.Nunchakus; 3.Self-defense.




Chapter VIII Carry Forward Bruce


Lee’s Spirit Bruce Lee’s spirit is immortal! Bruce Lee is an iconic figure of Chinese people who defied power, had indomitable courage, loved and defended country and fought against enemies. The exhibition hall displays magazines and books which introduce Bruce Lee or used Bruce Lee as a cover figure and events to commemorate Bruce Lee, showing Bruce Li belongs to both China and the world.




Chapter IX Display Martial Arts Room and Weapons (After visiting this chapter, tourists may go to the back and turn left after seeing side door)


Before practicing Jeet Kune Do, all the martial arts lovers should improve physique and fitness. If one is weak, one cannot fight violently. Only by viewing the most boring and arduous training as the greatest pleasure can martial arts lovers surpass ordinary people and be a figure. The more one is willing to receive these trainings, the more chance he or she will get to be successful- Bruce Lee.


The exhibition hall displays the basic techniques of Jeet Kune Do by means of illustrations and a variety of physical training devices used by Bruce Lee. Even in the busiest day, Bruce Lee persisted in practicing martial arts for two hours every day, which contributed to Lee’s success. Chapter X Display Bruce Lee’s Film and TV Library, Retrospect of Classics The library sits beside the memorial gateway inscribed with“ Martial Arts “, in which films starred by Bruce Lee and Bruce Lee’s Documentaries and classic Kung Fu Film are broadcasted at regular intervals.





































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