Bruce Lee’s Former Residence


Bruce Lee’s Former Residence and Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee, one of international martial arts superstars, was born in San Francisco in the Unite States on November 27th, 1940, whose hometown is Shang Village, Jun’an Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong. Lee’s cousin Li Qiuqin introduced that Lee’s ancient ancestors all lived in Shang Village in Jun’an Town. Lee’s brick former residence has kitchen, living room and bedroom (4.2 meters in height, with an area of 51 square meters). Among them, the living room displays photos of Bruce Lee and his family as well as Lee’s family genealogy and Commemorative Stamps, in which Lee’s wooden dummy, simple tables and chairs and wooden bed bring tourists back to the old days. On March 1st, 1997, the founder and president of International Wing Chun Association led nearly 200 foreign Chinese Kung Fu lovers to visit Lee’s former residence. Lee’s former residence attracts tourists at home and abroad by virtue of celebrity effect.


Bruce Lee was born in martial arts family, whose grandfather Lee Jun Biao was a well-known armed escort. Lee Jun Biao was a chivalrous man and excelled at martial arts and thus bandits were in awe of him. When seeing Li Jun Biao on banners some distance away, bandits would retreat and flee.


Bruce Lees father Li Hoi Chun (1902-1956) was one of leading Cantons opera actors before liberation, who had three sons and two daughters (Lee was the third child of five children). Lee Hoi Chun’s tombstone erected by Lee’s sibling was inscribed with hometown Shunde.


Lee's mother, Grace Ho, was from one of the wealthiest and most powerful clans in Hong Kong, who was the niece of Sir Robert Ho Tung, one of the richest Chinese businessmen in Hong Kong and Macao. Grace Ho was from Shanghai and encountered Li Hoi Chun at the age of 14 or 15. Because these two young people fell in love with each other, Grace Ho resolutely abandoned the high life and married Li Hoi Chen, living a life of helping husband and teaching children. All of Ho’s children have accomplished great achievements. Macao casino mogul Stanley Ho is also the descendant of Ho’s clan and is Lee’s cousin.


Lee’s Cantonese birth name was Lee Jun Fan and Lee was bestowed with active temperament. At the age of 14, lee received training in Wing Chun under the guidance of Wing Chun teacher Yip Man. Meanwhile, lee also starred in some films. After mastering Wing Chun, Lee also received trainings in Korean Taekwondo, western boxing, Thai boxing and other boxing techniques. By pooling wisdom, Lee created Jeet Kune Do Boxing featuring unity of body, mind and martial arts to intercept opponent’s violent assault. In 1958, Bruce Lee aged 18 emigrated to America and opened his martial arts schools in Seattle and Oakland in succession. In 1964, Lee defeated Chuck Norris who had won the championship for the third time in a row and was crowned champion in the USA National Karate Competition. At the Long Beach International Karate Competition, Lee was invited to perform blind fold attack intercept, power punch, non-shadow boxing and other martial arts techniques and was acclaimed by audiences. Therefore, many Hollywood stars became his students. Lee married with his American student Linda Emery and had a son named Brandon Lee and a daughter named Shannon Lee.


In the late 1960s, Bruce Lee returned to Hong Kong to pursue film career and stared his famous film entitled “The Big Boss” and other films such as “Fist of Fury”, “Enter the Dragon” and “Return of The Dragon. During making the last film entitled “Game of Death”, Bruce Lee suddenly fainted and was admitted to hospital on July 19th, 1973 and passed away on July 20th, 1973. The death of Bruce Lee is a great loss of film circles in Hong Kong, and martial arts circles both in China and world.


Bruce Lee belongs to both China and the world. As a martial artist and superstar, Lee’s spirit for coming first forever and its brave and fearless image in films will always remain in our minds. Bruce Lee Paradise will center on martial arts culture, stage various martial arts competitions, open martial arts schools and cultivate martial arts talents to disseminate Chinese martial art culture.









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