Bruce Lee Profile


Bruce Lee: Great martial artists, World Kung Fu Film Actor and Founder of Jeet Kune Do

Birth Name: Lee Jun Fan

English Name: Bruce Lee

Pet Name: Sai Fon (small phoenix)

Nick Name: Monkey, Bad Kid, Bull King, Gorilla Kinga and Nuisance etc.

Hometown: Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong, China

Birth Date: At 9:15p.m. on November 27th, 1940 (Wednesday)

Death Date: On July 20th, 1973 (32 years old)

Year of Birth: Dragon

Birthplace: San Francisco, America (Jackson Street Hospital of San Francisco)

Myopia: 600 Degrees

Height: 1.71 Meters

Result of 100-meter Game: 11.8s

Weight: 140 lbs

Blood Type: O Type

Hobbies: Martial Arts, Medication, Cha-cha Dance, Reading and Philosophy

Graduated from La Salle College in Hong Kong. Rudimentary Kung Fu: Wing Chun

Father: Lee Hoi Chuen (Lee Moon Shuen)( Famous Cantonese Opera Actor)

Mother: Grace Ho (Eurasians)

Master: Yip Man (Grandmaster of Wing Chun)

Elder Sister: Grace and Fefu

Elder Brother: Peter (Peter Li)

Younger Brother: Robert

Wife: Linda Emery (Linda)

Son: Brandon Lee (Died in an Accident during Shooting Film)

Daughter: Shannon Lee (Star in Films)

Bruce Lee Had one Elderly Brother, one Younger Brother and two Sisters

Bruce Lee was buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Seattle together with his son Brandon Lee.

Films and TV Plays: Golden Gate Girl(1940), Wealth is like a Dream (1948), Sai See in the Dream (1949), Kid Cheung (1950), Bird on the Wing (1950), Infancy (1951), The Guiding Light(1953), A Mother’s Tears(1953), Blame It on Father (1953), A Myriad Homes (1953), In the Face of Demolition(1953), Love(1955), Love (Part 2)(1955), An Orphan’s Tragedy(1955), The Faithful Wife(1955), Orphan’s Song(1955),We Owe It to Our Children (1955), The Wise Guys Who Fool Around (1955), Too Late for Divorce (1956), The Thunderstorm (1957), Darling Girl (1957), The Orphan (1959), The Big Bos (1971), Fist of Fury (1972),The Way of the Dragon (1972), Enter The Dragon (1973), Game of Death (1973), Longstreet, The Wrecking Crew, Lovely Girl, Blondie and The Green Hornet etc.

Bruce Lee Feared Water

In 1961, Bruce Lee Studied for Philosophy and Psychology Course at University Of Washington, Seattle

Bruce Lee Stared in Films at the Age of 7 and Received Martial Art Training at the Age of 13

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